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David Masters

This page provides a complete list of articles written by David Masters for Shipping Wonders of the World. He was a writer, mainly on maritime salvage. His books include Epics of Salvage (1953) and The Wonders of Salvage (1924).

List of Articles by David Masters

This list covers volume 1 only

Diving for £1,000,000 - 2-3

Raising a 24,000 tons Ship - 5-6

Raising a Submarine Minelayer - 18-19

Raising the German Fleet - 23-24

Seven Years Under the Sea - 12-13

The Ship That Broke Her Back - 16-17

A Trinity of Dramatic Exploits - 9-10

The Unlucky K 13 - 21-22

He wrote all the articles in the series Dramas of Salvage (as listed above)