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The “Aguila II” and “Argos”

River Plate Cargo Ships


THE River Plate supports a variety of ship types. Two vessels are illustrated below because they represent progressive advancement on the part of motor vessels on this vital waterway. One of the ships is illustrated in profile only, and another of their ships, completed in 1936, is shown in greater detail. Noteworthy features are the shallow draught and long holds.

The Aguila II and the Argos

The name of the upper vessel is the Aguila II and her job is to carry quebracho, a tree bark much used for tanning purposes. The Aguila II has a length of 260 feet, a beam of 42 feet and a depth of 11 ft 9 in. She was completed in 1931 at Leith and engined with two Atlas diesels, either of 500 horse-power.

The Argos is the name of the newer ship. She also was built at Leith and engined with the same type of engines. The position of her bridge, masts and auxiliary deck machinery can be noted in contrast to the older vessel, as also the different hold arrangements.

The Argos has a length of 280 feet and is 50 feet in breadth. Her load draught is 8 ft 6 in and she has a total power of 1,450 brake horse-power on two screws.

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