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Shipping Wonders of the World

About Shipping Wonders of the World

Shipping Wonders of the World was a weekly magazine which appeared between 1936-1937. Edited by Clarence Winchester, he was assisted by two Consulting Editors, A. C. Hardy and Frank C. Bowen. They also used a number of experts who contributed further articles on more specialised topics.

Shipping Wonders of the World appeared in 55 weekly parts from 30th January 1936 through to 23rd February 1937. It covered a wide range of subjects, and was intended to be the most comprehensive contribution to the literature of the sea to date.

The complete work was designed to be bound in two hardback volumes. Others chose to retain the weekly parts with their attractive colour covers.

The Panama Canal

On this site you can see information about each of the

55 issues. The contents for each issue are listed and, when available, links provided to the full-text.

Shipping Wonders of the World included a number of topical themes, such as such as The Navy Goes to Work, and The World’s Largest Ships; all of which are listed under the Themes tab.

The success of Shipping Wonders of the World and its predecessor, Railway Wonders of the World, led to further series being commissioned. They were also published by the Amalgamated Press, and were also edited by Clarence Winchester. You can read more about these on the

Other Series tab.  


The Triumph of the Normandie