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Shipping Wonders of the World


This page provides a complete table of contents for Shipping Wonders of the World. It lists every article in every issue, including the photographic supplements (when they are separately titled). It also lists ships’ names where they form the subject of an article, the subjects of the photogravure supplements, and those of the colour plates (including artists’ names). The number after each entry refers to the part number. Use the hyperlinks to jump to the article. You can also use the Themes tab to identify relevant articles, or use the search box above.

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Magellan, Ferdinand

“Maine”, Raising the  

Maintenance, Modern Ship’s


Man’s Conquest of the Depths

Manchester Ship Canal


“Marco Polo”

“Marie Celeste”

Mariehamn’s Grain Fleet

Mariehamn’s Grain Fleet (photo supplement)

Marine Engineer

Marine Engineer (photo supplement)

Marine Engines and Their Story (1)

Marine Engines and Their Story (2)

Marine Engines and Their Story (3)

Marine Engines and Their Story (4)

Marine Engines and Their Story (5)

Marine Engines and Their Story (6)

Marine Engines and Their Story (7)

Marine Engines and Their Story (8)

Marine Engines and Their Story (9)

Marine Engines and Their Story (10)

Marine Machinery, Building

Marine Measurements

Marine Models



Mason, Frank - “Oil on Troubled Waters”

Mason, Frank - RMS “Queen Mary”

Mason, Frank - HMS “Victory”


“Mauretania” (colour plate)

“Mauretania”, Romance of

Medals for Acts of Bravery

Medals for Acts of Bravery (colour plate)

Mediterranean Passenger Ship

Menace of Fire at Sea

Menace of the Derelict

Mercantile Marine, In the

Merchant Ship Types

Merchant Ships, World’s Largest (table)

Mersey Ferries, Story of

Mighty Amazon, The


“Miss America X”

Missionary Ships

Mississippi - Father of Waters

Mississippi (photo supplement)

Modern Marine Boiler Types

Modern Motor Yacht

Modern Ocean Raiders

Modern Ship’s Maintenance

Modern Ship’s Wireless

Modern Tramp Design

“Monarch of Bermuda”

“Monarch of Bermuda”

“Monarch of Bermuda” (colour plate)

Motion of the Ship at Sea

Motion of the Ship at Sea (photo supplement)

Motor Engines

Motorship, Progress of

Muncaster, Claude - ”Taking in the Crossjack”

Mystery of the “Marie Celeste”

Mystery Ship Adventures


Native Craft, Gallery of

Naval Intelligence

Navies of the Dominions

Navies of the Dominions (photo supplement)

Navigation, Instruments of

Navigational Charts

Navy Goes to Work

Navy Week

“N C Monberg”

New York - Key to a Continent

New York (photo supplement)

Night and Day Signals at Sea

Nile, Battle of the

Nile - Egypt’s Wonderful River

Non-Self-Propelling Bow Well Bucket Dredger

“Nora Maersk”

“Normandie” (colour plate)

“Normandie”, Triumph of

North Atlantic Ice Peril

North Sea & Baltic Passenger & Cargo Ship

North Sea Passenger Mail and Cargo Packet

North Sea, The Restless

North Sea Single-Screw Coal Carrier

Norway to New Zealand in a Cutter

Norwegian Shipping

Novelties in Ship Design


Ocean Cables, Laying

Ocean Raiders


“Oil on Troubled Waters” (by Frank Mason)

Oil Tanker, Development of

“Old Lady of Port Phillip”


Open Boats of the British Coasts


RMS “Orion”

RMS “Orion” (photo supplement)

”Osaka Maru”

Oscillating Paddle Engines


“Pacific Moon”

Panama Canal

“Pass of Balmaha”

Passenger and Cargo Liner

Pearls, Diving for

Pears, Charles “Breaksea Lightship”

Pears, Charles “Broached-to in Heavy Seas”

Pears, Charles “Spritsail Barges on the River Thames”



Pelagic Whaling



Perils of Sealing

Pidgeon and the “Islander”

Pilots and Their Work

Piracy, Chinese

Pleasure Steamers, Coastal


Plucky “Penshurst”

”Port Crawford”

Portuguese-Owned Grand Banker

“Principessa Jolanda”


Progress of the Motorship

Propelling the Modern Ship


“Queen Mary” (colour plate)

“Queen Mary” (engraving by Frank Mason)

“Queen Mary” (photo supplement)

“Queen Mary” (photo supplement)

“Queen Mary”, Super Liner

“Queen Mary”, Where She Was Built

“Queen Mary’s” Engines

“Queen of Bermuda”

“Queen of Bermuda”


Racing at Two Miles a Minute

Racing Clippers, Romance of

Raising a 24,000 Tons Ship

Raising a Submarine Minelayer

Raising the German Fleet

Raising the “Maine”

Record-Breaker “Lightning”

Refrigerated Ships

Restless North Sea

Revenue Cutters, and Smugglers



Rigging, Standing and Running

Rigs of Sailing Ships

River Amazon Trade Cargo Passenger Ship

River Congo

River Plate

River Plate Cargo Ships

River Plate Type Cross-Channel Ship

Robinson, William A.

Romance of the Racing Clippers

Romance of the “Mauretania”

Romance of Privateering

Romance of the Chronometer

Romance of the Trade Routes

Romance of Vancouver

Romantic Sailing Coasters

Ross in the Antarctic

Rotor Ships


Royal Marines

Royal Naval Reserve

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Royal Navy, In the

Russian Shipping


“St Paul”

Safety at Sea

Saga of the Sea

Sailing Round the Horn

Sailing Ship, Handling

Sailing Ships and Tugs

Sailing Ships and Tugs (photo supplement)

Sailing Ships in Collision

Salamis, Battle of

Salute to a Hero (Gordon Campbell)

Samsons of the Sea

San Francisco, California  

”Santa Joana”

Scotland’s Premier Shipping Centre

Scotland’s Premier Shipping Centre (photo supplement)

Scott’s Gallant Failure

Screw Propeller, Development of

Sea-Going Train and Car Ferry

Sea Shanties

Sea Terms, Glossary of

Sea Transport of the Nations

Seamanship Today

Seattle, Washington

Secret of the Niger

Secrets of the Sea


Seven Years Under the Sea

Ship-and-Shore Communication

Ship and the Gun

Ship illustrations

Ship Surgery

Ship That Broke Her Back

Ship Types & Deck Arrangement

Shipbreaking Industry

Shipbreaking Industry (photo supplement)

Ships’ Figureheads

Ships in Miniature

Ships in Postage Stamps

Signalling at Sea

Signalling at Sea, Distant

Signposts of the Sea

Signposts of the Sea (photo supplement)

Singapore - Crossroads of the East

Slocum (Captain) the Pioneer

Smugglers and Revenue Cutters

South Africa’s Eastern Port

South African General & Refrigerated Cargo Carrier

South Sea Phosphate Carrier

South With Shackleton

Southampton Docks

Southern Route Transatlantic Liner

“Sovereign of the Seas”

“Sovereign of the Seas” (colour plate)

Special Heavy-Weight Carrier

Special Service Train Ferry

Special Tropical Service (Crude) Oil Tanker

Specialized Ore Carrier

Speed Under Sail


“Spritsail Barges on the River Thames” (by Charles Pears)

Spurling, J - The “Lightning”

Stamps, Ships in

Standard Motor Tramp

Standing and Running Rigging


Steam Turbine Engines

“Stirling Castle”

“Stirling Castle” (plate)

Storm and Tempest at Sea

Stormy Seas of the Atlantic Ocean (plate)

Story of the Mersey Ferries



Submarines, Epics of the


Suez Canal, Gateway to the Orient

Supreme Feats of Navigation

Surrender of the German Fleet

Survey Ships at Work



Sydney’s Magnificent Harbour

Sydney’s Magnificent Harbour (photo supplement)


Taking in the Crossjack (by Claude Muncaster)



“Terra Nova”

“Terra Nova” Entering the Pack Ice (plate)

Thames “Butterfly Boats”

Thames “Flat Iron” Collier

Thames Sailing Barges

Thames to Tahiti

“There She Blows!”

“Thermopylae” and the “Cutty Sark”

Through the Isthmus of Panama

Tilbury Dock


To the Uncharted South


Torpedo, Design of

Trafalgar, Battle of

Train Ferry, Dover-Dunkirk

“Train Ferry No 3”

Training in Sail To-day

Tramp, Modern Design

Transatlantic Adventures

“Trap Ships” of the Fishing Fleet

Trawler (North Sea or Faroe Is.)



Trinity House

Trinity of Dramatic Exploits


Triumph of the “Normandie”

Troopships and Trooping

Trunk Engines

Tsushima, Battle of

Tudor to Victorian Times

Tugs, and Sailing Ships


“Twickenham Ferry”

Twixt Highlands and Hebrides

Two Great Racing Rivals



Undersea Weapons

United States Navy

United States Navy (photo supplement)

Unlucky “K 13”


Vancouver (photo supplement)

Vancouver, Romance of

Vanishing Coastal Craft

HMS “Victoria”

HMS “Victory”

Voss, Captain, Adventures of

Voyage of the “Athene”

Voyage of the “Cleopatra”

Voyage of the “Svaap”

Voyages of Captain Cook

Voyages of Vasco da Gama



Welland Canal

Wellington, New Zealand

Where the “Queen Mary” Was Built

“White Pioneer” (Trawler)

Wild Boat of the Atlantic

Wireless, Modern Ship’s

With the Fleet at Sea

“Wooden Walls” of Buckler’s Hard

Work of Trinity House

World Waterways

World’s Largest Merchant Ships (table)

World’s Largest Ships

World’s Most Famous Ship

World’s Speed Record


Yacht Cruising

Yachts, How They Are Raced

Yangtze Kiang

Yokohama (Port)

Youth at the Helm



Adventures of Captain Voss

Adventures of the Dream Ship

Adventures of the Ice-Breaker

“Aguila II”

“Ahto I” & “Ahto II”

Aircraft carriers

“Amarylis”, Cruise of

Amazon, The Mighty

America, Discovery of

“America’s” Cup

“America’s” Cup (photo supplement)

American Shipping





”Arandora Star”

“Archibald Russell”, Going Aloft (colour plate) “Argos”


Armada, The Invincible


“Athene”, Voyage of

At Sea in the Middle Ages

Australia’s Oldest Steamship

Australian Coastal Cargo Ship

Auxiliary Sailing Vessels

Auxiliary Ships


Baltic Coastwise Tanker

“Barbara” (Rotor Ship)

Battle of Lepanto

Battle of Salamis

Battle of the Dardanelles

Battle of the Nile

Battle of the Falklands

Battle of Trafalgar

Battle of Tsushima

Battleships and Cruisers



Beneath the Surface

Bermudian Luxury Liners

Big Guns in Action

Big Motor Cargo Liner

Biggest Sailing Ship of Her Time


Bligh, Captain, the Navigator

Blue Riband of the Atlantic


Bow Well Bucket Dredger


Bravery, Medals for Acts of

Bravery, Medals for Acts of (colour plate)

“Breaksea Lightship” (by Charles Pears)


Bremen and Bremerhaven


Britain’s Canal System

“Broached-to in Heavy Seas” (by Charles Pears)

Bristol, Port of

Britain’s Canal System

Britain’s Changing Coast Line

Britain’s Coastal Trade

Britain’s Famous Fishing Centre

Britain’s Famous Fishing Centre (photo supplement)

Britain’s Passenger Ports

Britain’s Premier Passenger Centre

“Britannic” and the “Georgic”

British Admiralty

“British Coast”

British North Sea or Faroe Is. Trawler

British Shipping

“Brussels”, and Captain Fryatt

Buckler’s Hard, “Wooden Walls” of

Building a Liner

Building Marine Machinery

Buoys and Beacons

“Butterfly Boats”, Thames

By-Passing Niagara


Cable Ship

Cable Ships at Work

Caledonian Canal

Campbell, Gordon, Salute to a Hero


Canada’s Prairie Port

Canal System, Britain’s


Captain Bligh the Navigator

Captain Fryatt and the “Brussels”

Captain Slocum the Pioneer

Cardiff, South Wales

Cargo Liner in Indian-American Trade

Caribbean, Fascination of

“C B Pedersen”

Central Africa’s Highway (The Congo)

HMS “Challenger”, Expedition


“Chelyuskin” Rescue

China River & Coast Ship

China’s Mighty River- The Yiangtze Kiang

Chinese Piracy

Chronometer, Romance of

Churchill (Hudson Bay)

“Ciudad de Buenos Aires”

“Ciudad de Montevideo”


“Cleopatra”, Voyage of

Clyde Paddle Passenger Packet


Clydebank (photo supplement)

Coast of Adventure

Coastal Craft, Vanishing

Coastal Motor-Boats

Coastal Pleasure Steamers

Coasters, Romantic Sailing

Coastguard Service

Collier, Thames “Flat Iron”

“Comanchee” (tanker)

Compound, Triple & Quadruple Expansion Engines

The Congo

“Conte di Savoia”

Convoy System

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal (colour plate)

“Criollo Fiel”


Cruise of the “Amarylis”

Customs Service, His Majesty’s

“Cutty Sark”, and “Thermopylae”

“Cutty Sark”, Figurehead (plate)


Danish Standard Motor Tramp


Dardanelles, Battle of

Day Service Cross-Channel Packet

Day and Night Signals at Sea

Decisive Naval Actions

Deck Arrangement & Ship Types

Deep Sea Fishing

Depth Charge

Design of the Torpedo

Development of the Oil Tanker

Development of the Screw Propeller

Diesel-Electric Ferry, Double-Ended

Discovery of America

Distant Signalling at Sea


Diving Adventures

Diving for £1,000,000

Diving for Pearls

Diving, Man’s Conquest of the Depths

Dover-Dunkirk Train Ferry

Drake and the “Golden Hind”

Drama of Life-Saving

Dramas of Salvage

“Dreadnought” (Clipper)

Dredger, Non-Self-Propelling Bow Well Bucket

Dredgers and Hoppers

Dream Ship, Adventures of


Dutch East Indies Inter-Island Packet

Dutch Shipping


Early Marine Boilers

Early Nineteenth Century [Marine] Engines Early Steam Warships

East Indiamen


“Egypt”, salvage of

“Electric Star”, Ferry

“Empress of Britain”

“Empress of Britain” (plate)


Ensigns, and Flags

Epic of the Motor Launches

Epics of Exploration

Epics of the Submarines


Exploring the Ocean Depths


Faeroes, Fisherfolk of the

Falklands, Battle of

Famous “Ariel”

Famous “Great Eastern”

Famous Ships (photo supplement)

”Faraday” (Cable Ship)

Fascination of the Caribbean

Fast Cargo Packet for Short Sea Routes

Ferry, Diesel-Electric, Double-Ended

Ferry, Dover-Dunkirk Train Ferry

Fifty Years in Sail (1)

Fifty Years in Sail (2)


Figurehead of the “Cutty Sark” (plate)

Filling the Ship

Fire at Sea


First Voyage Round the World

Fisherfolk of the Faeroes

Fishery Protection

Fishing Fleet, “Trap Ships” of the

Fishing, Deep Sea

Fishery Patrol Ship

Flags and Ensigns

Flags and Funnels, House

Fleets of the Foreign Powers

Floating Aerodromes

Floating Docks

Forecastle, In the Sailing Ship’s


Foreign Navies, Important

Fortunes of War

Franklin Mystery

France’s Key to the Mediterranean

French Navy

French Shipping

Fringes of the Fleet

From the Aegean to the Black Sea

From Dock to River

From Tudor to Victorian Times

Fruit-Carrying Ships

Fryatt, Captain, and the “Brussels”


HMS “Furious”


Gallery of Native Craft

Gateway to the Orient (Suez Canal)

“Georgic” and the “Britannic”

Gerbault and the “Firecrest”

German Fleet, Raising

German Fleet, surrender

German Shipping

German Shipping (photo supplement)

HMS “Gladiator”

Glasgow - Scotland's Premier Shipping Centre

Glory is Departed

Glory is Departed (photo supplement)

Glossary of Sea Terms

Going Aloft on the “Archibald Russell” (colour plate)

Going to Sea

“Golden Hind”, and Drake

Göta Canal System

Gravesend - Gateway to London

“Great Eastern”

Great Lakes

Great Ports of the World

“Great Republic”

Great Ship Sails

Great Voyages in Little Ships

Greyhounds of the Fleet

Greyhounds of the Fleet (photo supplement)


Grimsby (photo supplement)

Guarding the Seas

Gun, Ship and the

Gunboat Patrols in China


Handling the Sailing Ship

Handling the Overseas Mail

Harvest of the Deep

Hazards of the Sea

“Helen McGregor”

Hell Ships and Floating Homes

Heroes of the “Trevessa”

Heroism and Disaster at Sea

“Herzogin Cecilie”

Highlands and Hebrides

His Majesty’s Coastguard Service

His Majesty’s Customs Service

Holland’s Inland Ports

Holmes, Captain W.J. (1)

Holmes, Captain W.J. (2)

Home of British Shipping

HMS “Hood” (colour plate)

Hoppers, and Dredgers

House Flags and Funnels

How the Marine Turbine Works

How the Modern Ship is Tested

How Yachts are Raced


Hull (photo supplement)

”Hyogo Maru”


Ice-Breaker, Adventures of

Icebergs (photo supplement)

Illustrations, ship


Imperial Japanese Navy

Important Foreign Navies


In the Dominions

In the Dominions (photo supplement)

In the Mercantile Marine

In the Sailing Ship’s Forecastle

Instruments of Navigation

Invincible Armada -


Italian Navy

Italian Shipping


Japanese Bulk Cargo Carrier

Japanese Inland Sea Passenger Ship

Japanese Navy

Japanese Shipping

John Brown’s Yard, Clydebank

“Joseph Conrad” (plate)


“K ”, Unlucky

Kiel Canal


“Kung Wo”

“Kurenai Maru”


Large Home-Trade Coaster

Last Days of Sail

Last Days of Sail (photo supplement)

Last of the Giants

Launch That Failed

Launching Ceremonies


Laying the Ocean Cables

“Leonardo da Vinci”

Lepanto, Battle of

Life in the East Indiamen


Lighthouses, Signposts of the Sea

Lighthouses, Signposts of the Sea (photo supplement)


“Lightning” (by J. Spurling)



Liverpool Docks

Liverpool Docks (photo supplement)

Lloyd’s and Lloyd’s Register

LMS Steamship Services

London’s Link with the Sea

London’s Link with the Sea (photo supplement)

Lubricating Oil Diesel Tanker

Lure of Lost Gold

Luxury Cruising

Luxury Packet and Cruising Liner