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Shipping Wonders of the World

Ship Illustrations

This page provides a complete list of all vessels illustrated in Shipping Wonders of the World, and is designed to identify all ships depicted throughout the part work. If you are interested in a vessel which is not illustrated in this website, please contact us for further information.

Note there are further relevant links on the contents page, where ships forming the subject of articles are listed.

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“K 13”  (submarine)

“Kairanga” (at Wellington)

“Kaiser” (funnel, cover)

“Kaiser” (salved)

“Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse”

“Kaiserin” (salved) [cover]



“Kampe” (stern-wheeler)


“Katie Robbins”


HMS “Kempenfelt” (depth charges)

HMS “Kennet” (boiler)


Ketch, auxiliary (Faeroes)


“Killoran” (in dock, cover)

“King Edward” (engine)

King’s ship, 13th century (model)





“Konig” class battleship

“Konig Albert” (salved)

“Konig Albert” (scrapped)


“Kurenai Maru”


“L 56” (submarine)


PS “La Marguerite”

“Laguna Belle” (ex “Southend Belle”)






“Le Maire”

PS “Leinster”

PS “Leinster” (engine)

“Leonardo da Vinci” (salvage of)

HMS “Leonidas”        


“Lieutenant Schmidt”

Lifeboat, modern



“Lightning” (colour plate)

“Lightning” (cover)

HMS “Lightning”  

“Lily” (yacht)


HMS “Lion” (scrapped)

“Lingard” (barque)

“Loch Linnhe”

“Lochmor” (at Kyle of Lochalsh)

PS “London Engineer”

PS “Lord Nelson”

HMS “Lowestoft”

“L S Thorne” (train ferry)

“Lynton” (barque)

“Lysglint” (ex-”Pesca”)


“Ma Mie” (deck view)

“Magdalene Vinnen”




“Majestic” (at Southampton)

“Majestic” (at Southampton)

“Majestic” (at Southampton)

“Majestic” (entering & in dry dock)

“Majestic” (in dry dock, cover)

“Manchester Regiment”

“Manhattan” (cover)


“Manhattan” (US revenue cutter)

“Manicia” (ex-”Benicia”)

“Mannheim No 1” (paddle tug)

“Marama” (at Port Nicholson)

“Marco Polo” (clipper)

“Marechal de Castries”

“Marechal Joffre”

HMS “Martin”

“Mary B. Mitchell” (Q ship)

“Mary B. Mitchell” (Q ship)

“Mary Rose” (model)

USS “Maryland”  

“Mashona” (docked)

“Mauretania” (at sea)


“Mauretania” (at Southampton)

“Mauretania” (leaving the Tyne, cover)

“Mauretania” (at Southampton, cover)

“Mauretania” (propellers)

“Mauretania” (scrapped)

“Mayflower” (on stamp)


HMS “Medway”

“Melbourne” (docked)

“Meteor V” (yacht)


“Miltiades” (1871)

HMS “Minerva”


“Minto” (ice-breaker)

“Miss America IX”

“Miss Britain III”

“Miss England II”



Mississippi steamers

ML8 (on River Rhine)

ML55 (on Dover patrol)

ML397 (on Dover patrol)


“Mocking Bird” (Thames barge)

“Mohawk” (racing cutter, cover)

“Monarch of Bermuda”

“Monarch of Bermuda”

“Monarch of Bermuda” (cover)

“Monarch of Bermuda” (plate)

“Monte Cervantes”

HMAS “Moresby”

“Morgenen” (tanker)


HMS “Moth” (gunboat)

Motor launch 161

“Mount Hymettus”

PS “Munster”



“Nagasaki Maru”

Native boats (Amazonian)

Native canoe (on stamp)

Native craft

Navarino, Battle of (on stamp)

“N C Monberg”

HMS “Nelson” (at sea)  

HMS “Nelson” (showing crew)

HMS “Nelson” (forward deck)

HMS “Nelson” (guns firing)

HMS “Neptune”


“Neuralia” (as troopship)


HMS “New Zealand” (boiler)

Newfoundland sealing fleet

“Nieuw Holland” (in dry dock)

“Nightingale” (1851)

HMS “Nile”

Nile boat (on stamp)

Nile boats

Nile stern wheelers


“Nimrod” (elevation)


SS “Niobe”

“Nippon Maru”

“Nora Maersk”

Nore Lightship

“Norman Court”


“Normandie” (at New York)

“Normandie” (cover)

“Normandie” (in dock)

“Normandie” (leaving port)

North Sea trawler

RIMS “Northbrook”

HMS “Northumberland” (engine)


“Oaklands” (barque)





“Olivebank” (motorship)

“Oliver Bury” (dredger)

“Olympic” (at Southampton)

“Omdurman II” (Nile steamer)

“Onward” (on side)

“Onward” (in Folkestone Harbour)


“Oregon Express”

“Orel” (1890)

HMS “Orion” (scrapped)


“Osaka Maru”

Oseburg ship

Outer Gabbard Lightship (lantern)


“Pacific Coast”

“Pacific Exporter”

“Pacific Moon”


“Palestina” (at Galata)


“Paris” (liner)

“Pass of Balmaha”

“Pass of Melfort”


“Pathfinder” (tug)


Patrick Miller’s steamer


“Pehr Ugland”


“Penang” (docked)

“Penang” (capstan)

“Penang” (halyard winch)


“Pennyworth” (deck)

“Pennyworth” (loading grain)

“Pennyworth” (sling of cargo)


“Penshurst” (Q-ship)


Peterhead drifters




“Peter Pan” (motor yacht)  



MS “Pilsudski” (bridge)

Pleasure craft (Amazonian)

HMS “Plover”

“Poelau Roebiah”

“Poelau Tello”



“Pommern” (being towed)

“Pommern” (docked)

“Port Jackson” (at sea)

“Port Jackson” (figurehead)

“Port of London Authority Dredger No 8”

“Port of London Authority Hopper No 5”

“Port Stanley”  


HMS “Powerful” (boiler)

HMS “President”


“Prince” (1670)

“Princess Margaret” (1931)

“Princess Mary” (lifeboat)

HMS “Prince Royal” (model)

“Principessa Jolanda”

HMS “Prize” (Q 21)

HMS “Prosperity”  

“Protector” (paddle tug)

“Protea” (survey ship)


“Q 17”

“Q 21”

HMS “Queen Elizabeth”

HMS “Queen Elizabeth”

“Queen Mary” (cover)

“Queen Mary” (bows of, cover)

“Queen Mary” (bridge)

“Queen Mary” (engines)

“Queen Mary” (engraving by Frank Mason)

“Queen Mary” (fitting out)

“Queen Mary” (fitting out)

“Queen Mary” (launch)

“Queen Mary” (photo supplement)

“Queen Mary” (photo supplement)

“Queen Mary” (plate)

“Queen Mary” (at Southampton)

“Queen Mary” (stern)

“Queen Mary”, Super Liner

“Queen Mary” (wheelhouse)

“Queen Mary” (Clyde steamer)

“Queen of Bermuda”

“Queen of Bermuda”

“Queen of Bermuda” (launch)

“Queen of Thanet” (ex HMS “Melton”)

“Queen of the Channel”




“Rainbow” (yacht, racing)

“Rainbow” (yacht)

USS “Raleigh”  

USS “Ranger”

“Ranger” (paddle tug)

“Rangatira” (in harbour)



HMS “Rattler”

“Red Jacket”

HMS “Renown” (guns)

HMS “Repulse” (signalling)

“Resolution” (Capt. Cook)

HMS “Resolution”

“Restaurationen” (on stamp)

HMS “Retribution” (engine)

HMS “Revenge”



“Rex” (at sea)

“Rex” (cover)

Rhine river steamer

“Richard Lander” (stern-wheeler)

“Rigdin” (ex-”Ingrid”, 1907)

“Rio Claro” (freighter)

“River Thames” (cutter)

“Robert Duncan” (hold)

HMS “Robin” (gunboat)

Roman Galley

“Ross Wynans”

Rouen pilot cutter

PS “Royal Adelaide”

“Royal Daffodil”

“Royal Eagle” (1932)

HMS “Royal Sovereign”

PS “Royal Sovereign” (1893)

PS “Royal William”

“Ruahine” (in floating dock)


PS “Ruby” (engine)


“S 55” (destroyer, salved)

“St George” (Customs cutter)

“St Paul” (overturned)

“St Paul” (with framework)

HMS “St Vincent” (1815)

HMCS “Saguenay”

“Salamis” (1875)

“Salamis” (1875, in harbour)

USS “Salt Lake City”  

“Samuel” (Ice-breaker)

HMS “Sandpiper” (on slipway)

“Santa Maria” (model)

“Santa Maria” (model)

“Santa Maria”

“Santa Maria” (replica)

“Santee” (Q-ship)

“Sao Gabriel” (on stamp)

USS “Saratoga”  

“Scarborough” (stern-wheeler)

“Scharnhorst” (liner)


“Schulschiff Deutschland”



“Sea Queen”


“Seneca” (US Coastguard cutter)


Seven Stones Lightship

HMS “Severn”

“Severn” (dredger, deck view)


“Shamrock V” (yacht)

“Shamrock V” (yacht)

“Samrock V” (yacht)

“Shamrock V” (yacht, front view)

Ship, late 13th century (model)

Ship, 16th century

Ship, 17th century (sectional)

“Sidney” (bows)

“Sir Acton Blake” (pilot)

“Sir John Kirk” (stern-wheeler)

“Sir William Hillary” (lifeboat)

“Slieve Bloom”

“Snow Flake”

“Somersetshire” (as troopship)

South Goodwin Lightship

“Sovereign of the Seas”

“Sovereign of the Seas” (model)

“Sovereign of the Seas” (plate)

“Sovereign of the Seas” (1852)

Spanish treasure frigate (Elizabethan)

Spanish Galleon (model)


“Spray” (sloop)

“Springwell” (engine)

“Spritsail Barges on the River Thames” (by Charles Pears)



Steam drifters

Steamer (on River Congo)

“Steel Chemist”

“Stirling Castle”

“Stirling Castle” (plate)

“Stock Force”



“Strathmore” (engine room)

“Strathmore” (kitchens)

“Strathmore” (launch)

“Strathmore” (launching ceremony)

HMS “Sturdy”

Submarine “B 11”

Submarine “C 37”

Submarine “E 11”

Submarine “E 14”

Submarine “K 13”

Submarine “U-93”

Submarine “U-120”

Submarine “UB-80”

Submarine “UC-44”

Submarine “UC-94”

Submarines, “P” Class

Submarines, “Swordfish” Class

Submarines, “Thames” Class

“Sudan” (Nile steamer)


HMS “Suffolk Coast” (forward hold)

HMS “Suffolk Coast” (gun exposed)

“Sultan” (stern-wheeler)



“Susanne” (yacht)


“Suwa Maru”


HMS “Swiftsure” (boiler)

Sydney pilot cutter


SS “Tafelberg”


PS “Talisman”

“Taraba” (stern-wheeler)

HMS “Tartar” (1734)

“Te Arawa” (canoe, on stamp)  

“Teddy” (cutter)

“Telesia” (at Lowestoft)

“Telesia” (fishing smack)

“Telesia” (Q-ship)

“Temeraire” (1749, model)

“Tenyo Maru”

HMS “Tern” (gunboat)

“Terra Nova”

“Terra Nova” (deck)

“Terra Nova” Entering the Pack Ice (plate)

HMS “Terrible” (boiler)

“Terrier” (tug)


“Terukuni Maru”


USS “Texas”

“Thames Conservancy Hopper No 1”

Thames sailing barges

“Thebes” (Nile steamer)

MV “Theodore Roosevelt”

“Thermopylae” and the “Cutty Sark”

“Thomas Holt” (1929)

“Thomas W Lawson”

HMS “Thruster”

HMS “Thunderer” (boiler)


“Titanic” (model)

“Torras Y Bages”

HMS “Trafalgar” (boilers)

“Train Ferry No 3”


Trawler (LT 961, at sea)

Trawler, Brixham (cover)

Trawler, North Sea

“Treminster” (trawler)




“Triumph” (trawler, converted tug)

Trinity House Yacht (c1830)

HMS “Triumph” (boiler)

Tug boat (1736)



“Turbinia” (engine)

“Turbinia” (machinery)


“Twickenham Ferry”

“Twickenham Ferry” (at Southampton)

Tyne pilot cutter


“U-93” (submarine)

“U-120” (submarine)

“UB-80” (submarine)

“UC-44” (submarine)

“UC-94” (submarine)

HMS “Umpire”

“Underwing” (Q-ship, concealed gun)


“Valhalla” (cover)


HMS “Vanguard” (1787)

“Varma” (in dock, cover)


Venetian Galleasse

Venetian Galley (on stamp)


HMS “Veronica”

“Veronica” (Thames barge)

“Vestmanna” (Faeroes ketch)

HMS “Veteran”

HMS “Veteran” (as escort)

“Vice Admiral Popoff”

HMS “Viceroy”  


HMS “Victoria” (final plunge)

HMS “Victoria” (sinking)

HMS “Victorian”

HMS “Victory”

HMS “Victory” (at Trafalgar)

HMS “Victory” (colour plate)

HMS “Victory” (cover)


Viking Ship (model)


“Ville d’Ajaccio” (at Marseilles)

“Viper” (revenue cutter)


“Vivacity” (Thames tug, cover)

Votive ship, Danish

“Vulcania” (engine-room)



“Wales Maru”

“Walter Watts” (stern-wheeler)

“Wanstead” (1928)

HMS “Warspite”

HMS “Warspite” (training ship, deck)

HMS “Warwick”


PS “Washington


HMS “Wellesley”

“Wellington” (tug)

“Wellington” (towing)

“Wenona” (barque)

“Werner Vinnen”


“Westmoreland” (Thames barge)

“Westward” (yacht)


“White Pioneer” (Trawler)


HMS “Worcester”



“Yankee” (yacht)

“Yorkshire” (as troopship)



“Zwarte Zee” (tug)

“Zylpha” (Q-ship)


“A Lopez” (engine)

“Abraham Rydberg”

“Abraham Rydberg” (aloft, cover)



HMS “Agincourt” (engine)

“Aguila II”

“Ahto I” (at sea)

“Ahto I” (at jetty)

HMS “Ajax”

HMS “Alecto”

“Alf Everard” (Thames barge)

“Almeda Star” (deck chamber)

“Almeda Star” (refrigeration plant)

“Almirante Saldanha”

“Almirante Saldanha” (and tug)

“Ama Begonakla” (figurehead)

“America” (1884)

“America” (yacht)

American river steamer (engine)



“Amira” (Gaissa)

“Amy Hewes”

“Anadara” (tanker)

“Andrew” (pilot cutter)

“Ansaldo Ottavo”




“Aorangi” (leaving Vancouver)

HMS “Apollo”

“Aquitania” (at Southampton)

“Aquitania” (in New York)

“Aquitania” (stern, cover)

“Araby” (blocking Boulogne harbour)

“Araby” (bow)

“Araby” (bow and stern)

“Araby” (stern, salvaged)

“Arandora Star”

“Arandora Star”

“Archibald Russell”

“Archibald Russell” (rigging, cover)

“Archibald Russell” (rigging, plate)

HMS “Arethusa”

HMS “Arethusa” (climbing aloft)

HMS “Arethusa” (on bowsprit)

HMS “Arethusa” (rigging)

“Argonaut” (1876)


USS “Arkansas”  

“Ariel” (colour plate)


“Arizona” (1879)

“Ark Royal” (1588)

“Ark Royal” (1588)

Armada in the English Channel

Armada near Dunkirk (1588)

Armada off Portland


“Artiglio II”

“Asama Maru”


“Assaye” (as troopship)

“Astra” (yacht)





“Atlantic Coast”  

“Atlantique” (scrapped)

“Athelknight” (tanker)


“Atlantis” (bridge)

“Atlantis” (deck)

“Atle Jarl”

“Attilio Deffenu”

“Aubretia” class


“Austral” (1881)

HMAS “Australia”

Australian Coastal Cargo Ship

Auxiliary ketch (Faeroes)

HMS “Avenger”

“Averoff” (cruiser, on stamp)


“B 11” (submarine)

“Ba” (ex-”Glenafton”)


“Badger” (revenue cutter)

“Bahrein” (lightship)

“Balari” (dredger)

Balsa boats


“Baltic” (1849)


“Barbara” (Rotor Ship)


HMS “Barham”

“Barmbek” (1886)

“Baron Haig”


“Beatrice” (docked)

“Beatrice” (figurehead)





“Benicia” (later “Manicia”)

“Berengaria” (at Southampton)

“Berengaria” (cover)

“Berengaria” (in New York)



“Blackadder” (1870)

“Blackadder” (1870, painting)

“Bloody Gatherer”

HMS “Boadicea” (engine)


“Bonn” (1877)

“Bonnington” (stern-wheel steamer)

“Bornholm” (1930)



Breaksea Lightship

Breaksea Lightship (by Charles Pears)


“Bremen” (at sea)

“Bremen” (deck scene, cover)

“Bremen” (from the side, cover)

“Bremen” (looking forward, cover)

“Bremen” (model)

“Bremen” (stormy seas, cover)



“Britannia” (yacht)

“Britannia” (yacht)

“Britannic” (starboard engine)

“Britannic” (leaving Liverpool)

“Britannic” (approaching Liverpool)

“Britannic” (at Liverpool)

“Britannic” (1874, engine)

“Britannic” (1874, engine controls)

“British Coast”

“British Freedom” (tanker)

Brixham trawler (cover)


“Brussels” (1902)

“Brutus” (ex-”Sierra Pedrosa”, deck of)


“C 37” (submarine)


“Calitea” (bridge, cover)

“Cambria” (Thames barge)

“Cambria” (yacht)

“Cambrian Princess”  


“Cambronne” (being towed)

“Campania” (drifter, entering Yarmouth)


“Canadian Reefer”

Canadian revenue cutter

HMAS “Canberra”  

“Candida” (yacht)

Canoe (dug out, on Congo)

Canoe (outrigger, on stamp)

“Canterbury” (loading mail)

“Canton” (dry dock)

Caravels, of Columbus (on stamp)

HMS “Cardiff”

“Cariad” (yacht)

“Cariad” (yacht, at sea)

“Carl Hedrich”

“Carnarvon Castle”

“Carnegie” (survey yacht)

Carrack, 15th century Flemish (model)

Carthaginian Galley (on stamp)


Catamaran (Brazilian)


“C B Pedersen”

HMS “Centurion”

HMS “Challenger”

HMS “Challenger” (1931)

HMS “Challenger” (1931, deck view)

HMCS “Champlain”

“Champollion” (front deck)

“Charles Gounod”

“Charlotte Dundas”

“Charmian” (motor yacht)

“Charmian” (motor yacht, engine)

“Charmian” (steam yacht, engine)



“Chelyuskin” (seaplane unloaded)

“Chesapeake” (tanker)

“Cheyenne” (tanker)

“Chicago Maru”

“Chichibu Maru”

Chinese junk

Chinese junk (large)

Chinese stern-wheel steamer

“Christoforo Columbo” (deck)

“Christoforo Columbo” (fore-top)


“Cimba” (figurehead)

“Cimba” (docked)


“City of Lancaster” (damage to)

“City of Rome”

“City of Singapore”

“Ciudad de Buenos Aires”

“Ciudad de Concepcion”

“Ciudad de Montevideo”

“Ciudad de Montevideo” (at Montevideo)

“Clan Robertson”

“Clara Monks”  


CMB-4 (preserved)

Coastal Motor-boat

Coastal Motor-boat (in Russia)

Coastal Motor-boat (on trial)

Coastal Motor-boats (return from Zeebrugge)

Coastal Motor-boat (70ft, torpedo)

HMS “Cockchafer” (deck view)

HMS “Collingwood”

“Columbia” (ex-Belgenland”)


“Comanchee” (tanker)

“Comanchee” (tanker)


“Comet” (engine)




“Conte Biancamano”

“Conte di Savoia”

“Conti di Savoia”

“Conte Grande”

“Conte Rosso”


“Cornwall” (HM Reformatory)

“Cort Adelare”

HMS “Courageous” (flight deck)

HMS “Coventry”

“Criollo Fiel”



Cromer lifeboat

Crusader ship, 13th century (model)

HMS “Curocoa” (deck)

HMS “Curocoa” (gun)

HMS “Curocoa” (signal instruction)

“Cutty Sark”, and “Thermopylae”

“Cutty Sark”, Figurehead (plate)

“Cutty Sark”, Figurehead (cover)

HMS “Cyclops”

HMS “Cygnet” (1779)

“Cyprian Prince”


“D’Halve Maen” (model)

“Dana” (research ship)

“Dar Pomorza”

“Dauntless” (yacht)


“Daylight” (towed)


HMS “Delhi”

“Delver” (dredger)

“Demosthenes” (as troopship)


HMS “Deptford” (launch)

USS “Detroit”  

HMS “Devonshire”

“Dilwara” (troopship)

HMS “Diomede” (in harbour)

SS “Diplomat” (cover)

“Director Gerling” (tug)


SS “Dominica”

“Dongan Hills” (ferry steamer)



“Doric” (scrapped)

“Dorsetshire” (as troopship)

SS “Dramatist”

SS “Dramatist” (leaving Panama Canal)

SS “Dramatist” (at Pedro Miguel)

“Dreadnought” (Clipper)


Drifters, Peterhead


“Duchess of Richmond”


“Duke of York” (1935)

“Duke of York” (launch)  

HMS “Duncan” (cover)

HMS “Duncan” (engine)

HMS “Duncan” (plate)

“Dunraven” (Q-ship)

Dutch icebreakers at work

Dutch warship (17th century)

“Dyarchy” (yacht)


“E 11” (submarine)

“E 14” (submarine)

Early raft

HMS “Eagle”

HMS “Eagle” (flight deck)

“Eagle” (revenue cutter)

East Goodwin Lightship

HMS “Edinburgh”



“Edward L Maybury”

“Edwin Fox” (1853)

“Egypt” (salvage of)

Egyptian Galley (on stamp)

Elbe Lightship

Elbe river steamer


“Eleu” (tug)


PS “Elizabeth”

“Elizabeth McLea”


Elizabethan Galleons

“Ellen” (being towed)

“Emanuel” (yacht)

“Empire Star”

“Empress of Australia” (propeller)

“Empress of Britain”

“Empress of Britain” (at Singapore)

“Empress of Britain” (at Southampton)

“Empress of Britain” (cover)

“Empress of Britain” (in dry dock)

“Empress of Japan”

“Endeavour” (engine)

“Endeavour” (yacht, racing)

“Endeavour” (yacht)


“Endurance” (exercising dogs)


English Hoy (1717)

English Man of War (Elizabethan)


“Enterprise” (cutter)


“Ermack” (Ice-breaker)


“Essex” (East Indiaman)

“Essex Queen” (ex “Walton Belle”)


SS “Eston” (bridge, cover)

SS “Eston” (cover)




HMS “Exeter”

“Explorer” (damaged)


“F A Tamplin” (tanker)

“F A Tamplin” (tanker, cover)

“F P Smith” (propeller)

“Fanny Crossfield”

“Faraday” (cable ship)

“Far East”

“Farnborough” (Q-ship)

“Farndale” (in graving dock)


Fishery patrol vessel

Fishing boats (Amazonian)

Fishing boats (on the Congo)

Fishing smack

Flemish Carrack, 15th century (model)  

Flemish Galleon (model)

“Florence Northam”

“Flying Huntress” (paddle tug)




“Fred Hartweg”

“Fulham” (collier)

HMS “Furious” (AA gun)

HMS “Furious” (aircraft taking off)

HMS “Furious” (at sea)

HMS “Furious” (bow view)

HMS “Furious” (RAF personnel & aircraft)

PS “Fusilier”


Galleasse, Venetian

Galleon, Flemish (model)

Galleon, Spanish (model)

Galleons, Elizabethan

Gallery of Native Craft

Galley (early)

Galley (showing corsia)

Galley, Carthaginian (on stamp)

Galley, Egyptian (on stamp)

Galley, European (on stamp)

Galley, Genoese (1597)

Galley, Greek c500 BC

Galley, Greek c4 BC

Galley, Roman

Galley, sixteenth century

Galley, Venetian (on stamp)

Galleys, Allied (at Lepanto)

“Garthsnaid” (deck)


“Gedid II” (Nile steamer)


Genoese Galley (1597)

“Georgic” (at Liverpool)

“Georgic” (leaving Belfast)

“Georgic” (leaving New York)

“Georgic” (under construction)

“Georgic” (wireless station)


German icebreakers at work


“Gertrude May”

“Giulio Cesare”

“Guiseppe Mazzini”

HMS “Glasgow”

HMS “Gladiator” (& pontoon)

HMS “Gladiator” (on side)

HMS “Gladiator” (with tugs)



HMS “Glorious” (model)

“Glory of the Seas” (as storage ship)

“Golden Hind”

“Golden Hind” (& Drake)


PS “Gondolier”


HMS “Gorgon” (engine)

“Grace Harwar” (halyard)

“Grace Harwar” (pumps)

“Graham Bell” (tug)

HMS “Grampian” (ex-”Gibraltar”, 1860)

“Great Britain”

“Great Britain” (engine)

“Great Eastern”

“Great Eastern” (engine)

“Great Eastern”

“Great Republic”

“Great Western”

Greek Galley c500 BC

Greek Galley c4 BC

Greek merchant ship c500 BC

“Greyhound” (revenue cutter )



“H F Bailey” (lifeboat)



“Half Moon” (model)


“Harbinger” (engine)

“Harkaway” (yacht)

Heald Lightship

“Hebe” (engine)

PS “Helen McGregor” (engine)

“Helgoland” (Q 17)

Helwick Lightship

“Henri Grace a Dieu” (model)

“Hero” (ex-”MacCullum More”)

“Herzogin Cecilie”

“Herzogin Cecilie” (sails)

“Hikitia” (steam crane)


“Hilary” (looking forward)

“Hilbre Island” (dredger)

“Hindenburg” (salved)

“Homeric” (at Southampton)

HMS “Hood”

HMS “Hood”

HMS “Hood” (model)


“Hougomont” (being towed)

“Hougomont” (with jury rig)

Hoy, English (1717)

Humber Lightship


“Hyderabad” (Q-ship, gun)

HMS “Hydra”

“Hyogo Maru”  


“Ibex” (1891)

“Imperial Star”

HMS “Implacable” (figurehead)

HMS “Impregnable”


USS “Indianapolis”

“Ingrid Thorden”

“Invercauld” (at sea)

“Invercauld” (deck)

“Invercauld” (docked)

“Invercauld” (going aloft)


“Invergarry” (painting)

“Invernairne” (drifter)


“Inverurie” (1889)

PS “Iona”

PS “Iona” (at Fort William)


“Irish Minstrel”

HMS “Iron Duke”

HMS “Iron Duke”

“Islander” (yawl)

Isle of Wight Pilot cutter No 1


“Jamaica Planter” (1911)

“Jamaica Settler”

“James Baines” (1854)

“James Kerr”

“Jane Banks”

HMS “Janus” (boiler)


“Java” (1811)

“Jeanette Francoise”

HMS “Jed” (boiler)

“Johan van Oldenbarnevelt”

“John D Grace”

“Jonathan C Holt” (1926)

“Joseph Conrad” (cover)

“Joshua Bates”

“Jumna” (1866, as troopship)

Junk, Chinese

Junk, Chinese

Junk, Chinese

Junk, Chinese (large)

Junk, Chinese (on stamp)

PS “Juno”