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The “Canada”

A Passenger and Cargo Liner


THE opening of the Panama Canal introduced many new trade routes, in particular that for the carriage of merchandise between the Pacific Coast of North America and the United Kingdom and the Continent. This route has grown in the last few years, and special vessels have been built to carry the grain and lumber of the northern ports and the fresh fruit of California. The Canada, shown below, one of the latest of these dual-cargo ships, is one of the most powerful single-screw ships afloat. In addition to her comprehensive cargo-carrying arrangements, of which no fewer than 150,000 cubic feet are insulated for fresh fruit, she has luxury accommodation for fifty-six passengers. Her length is 465 feet between perpendiculars, her beam moulded 64 feet and her depth to main deck 31 feet, to shelter deck 40 feet.

The merchant vessel Canada

Her single screw is turned at 105 revolutions a minute by a big six-cylinder double-acting two-cycle diesel engine of Burmeister and Wain type, having a cylinder diameter of 680 mm and a stroke of 1,400 mm. This engine develops 8,400 ihp, and gives the ship when fully loaded a speed of 14¾ knots.

The Canada is given a modern appearance by a raking stem, a cruiser stern and two squat funnels. Her tonnage is 11,108, and her owners are the Danish East Asiatic Company.

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