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Shipping Wonders of the World

The World’s Largest Ships

The World’s Largest Ships was a series of articles by various authors which appeared throughout Shipping Wonders of the World. Here is a complete list of the articles, with links to the relevant issues.

The World’s Largest Ships

  1. RMS “Queen Mary” - Super-Liner (part 1)
  2. The Triumph of the “Normandie” (part 3)
  3. RMS “Empress of Britain” (part 5)
  4. The “Bremen” and the “Europa” (part 6)
  5. RMS “Strathmore” (part 9)
  6. The “Manhattan” and the “Washington” (part 22)
  7. The “Britannic” and the “Georgic” (part 26)
  8. Bermudian Luxury Liners: the “Monarch of Bermuda” and the “Queen of Bermuda” (part 31)
  9. RMS “Orion” (part 36)
  10. RMMV “Stirling Castle” (part 41)
  11. The “Rex” and the “Conte di Savoia” (part 42)
  12. The “Statendam” (part 49)

The "Majestic" in dry dock