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Clarence Winchester (Editor)

Clarence Winchester was the Editor of Shipping Wonders of the World. This page gives some further information on his life and career.

Clarence Winchester (1895-1981)

Clarence Winchester was born in London in 1895. In his earlier days he was associated with the stage. In 1913-14 he learned to fly, and wrote on aeronautics for the Daily Mail. He married Constance Groves in 1914. Winchester was Editor of Ideas under Sir Edward Hulton, and later under Allied Newspapers. He became Assistant Chief Editor to Cassells where he was put in charge of various journals including Argosy,(often advertised on the rear cover of Railway Wonders of the World!), Cassell's Magazine, and the Storyteller.

Over the years he also wrote or edited The Red Magazine, Railway Wonders of the World, Shipping Wonders of the World, Wonders of World Engineering, The Story of the British Empire, Wonders of World Aviation, The World Film Encyclopaedia, England (a quarterly magazine). For The British Legion Poppy Annual, The King's Navy, The King's Army, and The King's Air Force, he co-operated with the Admiralty, the War Office and the Air Ministry in their compilation and production.

Winchester was Advisory Editorial Director to Crosby Lockwood & Son Ltd (publishers), and was correspondent on European affairs to The Argonaut of San Francisco. He was a founder member of the Institute of Aeronautical Engineers, a Fellow of the Royal Society of St George, an Associate of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and an Associate Member of the American Museum of Natural History.

His other publications included Aerial Photography, Sonnets and Some Others, The Devil Rides High, An Innocent in Hollywood, Let's Look at London, Earthquake in Los Angeles, Three Men in a Plane, The Captain Lost his Bathroom, and A Great Rushing of Wings and other Poems. Winchester was also editor and designer of The Royal Philatelic Collection by Sir John Wilson and of The Crown Jewels by Major-General H D W Sitwell. He died on 15 March 1981, aged 85.

There is another short biography of Clarence Winchester, along with a bibliography of his writings posted here.

Clarence Winchester 1895-1981