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Hector Charles Bywater (1884-1940)

This page provides a complete list of articles written by Hector Charles Bywater for Shipping Wonders of the World. He was a journalist and writer, mainly on maritime and naval themes. His two most influential books were: Sea-power in the Pacific: a Study of the American-Japanese Naval Problem (1921), in which he predicted naval conflict between Japan and the United States; and The Great Pacific War (1925) in which he expanded this thesis further.

List of Articles by Hector Charles Bywater

Battleships and Cruisers - 5

Beneath the Surface - 6

Floating Aerodromes - 16

Fringes of the Fleet - 32

Greyhounds of the Fleet - 26

Guarding the Seas - 20

Gunboat Patrols in China - 35

The Navy Goes to Work - 3

With the Fleet at Sea - 13

He wrote all the articles in the series The Navy Goes to Work (as listed above)