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Lieut.-Commander Edward Keble Chatterton (1878-1944)

This page provides a complete list of articles written by Lieut. Commander Edward Keble Chatterton for Shipping Wonders of the World. He was a prolific writer who published around a hundred books, pamphlets and magazine series, mainly on maritime and naval themes. His books include Ship Models (1923), Ships and Ways of Other Days (1913), Through Brittany in “Charmina” (1933) and Ventures and Voyages (1928). A useful bibliography may be found here.

List of Articles by Edward Keble Chatterton

At Sea in the Middle Ages - 24

The Battle of Lepanto - 32-33

The Battle of Salamis - 29

Epics of the Submarines - 10-11

The Fortunes of War - 25-26

The Invincible Armada - 36-37

From Tudor to Victorian Times - 34

Hazards of the Sea - 28-29

Salute to a Hero - 4-5

Ships in Miniature - 9

Smugglers and Revenue Cutters - 27

“There She Blows!” - 5

He wrote all the articles in the series Mystery Ship Adventures.